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A truly fine piece of Flash development

Well done Ben, a really great game. Fantastic production values and really well paced. The difficulty progression is really good and I think the Free version that you've uploaded is in itself much bigger and better than most of the games you see here.

Should people buy the full version? Well it's up to them really, no one is forcing anyone to do anything here.

Should game developers charge for games? I think more Flash game developers should charge, because then we'd see more money going into the industry and we'd see game developers earning a living rather than scrabbling around trying to make ends meet and the production values would get even better.

I really don't understand some people. They have no problem buying a DVD that they buy once and no problem overpaying for rubbish pizza, but they don't want to get their wallet out and help a game developer who is providing them with hours of entertainment (I really I mean days for this game) for only $20.

Anyway, rant over!.

Great work Ben and you deserve the kind comments you are receiving.

is this another masterpiece? Too early to say and

you have to pay! Having played a couple of times, you see this is much bigger than the others, so I guess I can only go on first impressions. First impressions are great though and this is looking like the lessons learned from the first couple of games and been creatively implemented here.

Should you have to pay though? We this is a very different from your average Flash game, think about the work that has gone in to this game. It's just too flippant to suggest that all games should be free. At the end of the day, the folks that develop this kind of game have to eat. What's more, I'm going to get a lot of fun outta this game, a lot more than a watch once DVD or even most Wii games or DS games (ok, not all, I know).

I say well done for having the courage to create a BIG Flash game and proving that Flash is a serious development environment for games.

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